There Is No Secret – Sales Success!

We have discussed There Is No Secret to Sales Success; it’s a process.  Preparing to be a superstar as a professional sales executive requires at first developing a TOUGH emotional barrier to rejection and a willingness to persevere. You have decided that you will be tough; now how do you get started?  There Is No Secret – It’s a process!

There are thousands of programs found in every imaginable format that promise a path to sales success.  In the hundreds of books read, recordings listened, and training events attended, there is one common denominator; at least ONE new idea is found in each.  As done in each research project, it is always multiple references from expert-provided information, studies, and experiments where conclusions are drawn.  Professional sales success is found in developing your skills in each discipline in the PROCESS of selling.  Start learning today with a program that includes at least one of the following skill sets:

Establishing Rapport:   Connecting with your prospect is your first and foremost step in the sales process.  Ignore this and your next steps will be destined to fail.  Learn the skill of establishing rapport!

Communication:  Telephone, email, letters, texts, and face-to-face communication skills are paramount to succeed as a sales professional.  Start learning the etiquette and techniques today and add to your skill daily.

Prospecting:  No prospects, no sales; it is just that simple.  Maximizing the usually limited time and resources to ensure successful prospecting; that is the key to your next sale.

Product knowledge:  Whether you are selling a product for others or your own company, knowledge of your product and industry is paramount.  You MUST know the features and benefits of your product and how it stands against the competition.  Your “value proposition” (discussed later) will include a succinct message of your product’s features and benefits to the buyer.

Presentation:  Your skills to present to a single or multi-person audience will separate you from mediocrity.  Invest in a separate “Presentation Skills” program.

Negotiation:  All negotiation starts with the first communication.  The psychology behind negotiation is not an accident that happens, however a process like that of a chess player that includes strategy in each and every move you make.  Invest heavily in separate programs to learn the skills of negotiation.

Closing:  Unless you learn to ask for the order, overcome objections, and obtain a commitment from the buyer, the previous steps are for naught.  Remember the second-best answer is “NO!”  Expect this answer for it is the most common of human traits…….(“The Confused Mind Will Always Say NO!” – John Connolly). Learning to clarifying the buyer’s understanding and turning your “NO’s” into “YES’s” will lead you to exceptional sales success!

Customer Service:  Probably the most rapidly declining variable in the sales process is ignoring the customer after the sale.  Research the data available regarding the cost of adding a new customer versus that of losing one.  Lifetime income from a single customer will trump ALL efforts of your involvement in the after-sale satisfaction of the customer!  Become the Customer Advocate after the sale and set yourself apart by learning the best practices!

Check back later when we will tackle each of the abovementioned disciplines and remember……

There is No Secret to Sales Success – It’s a process!

There Is No Secret – Handling Rejection (continued)

It is obvious that as a professional sales executive you will seldom sell 100% of those presented. A wise man once told me (my father) that “no” is the second best answer, for each “no” puts me that much closer to a “YES!” So how do you handle the ups and downs?

Fear of failure is built into our DNA. The feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness will ooze out of our thoughts when we hear the “no’s” on a too-frequent-basis; basically instilling FEAR. Being prepared for these feelings will provide you the will to overcome your fear and succeed.

EVERYONE will experience these feelings; wherever their journey takes them. Your process must include preparation by stimulating your self confidence and abilities. Refining the presentation. Knowing your products features and benefits; as well as the position you hold in the marketplace. Having an arsenal of responses to all of the objections you have heard (and keeping a log of these) so that they are second nature will assist with overcoming the fear.

Remember the five “P’s”……..Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…and allows you to overcome fear getting you ever closer to “YES!” Visit often to continue learning……….

There Is No Secret – It’s the Process!!!

There is No Secret – Rebounding from Rejection

Whether from a sales prospect in your business to friends or family members, you will experience rejection! How do we rebound?

The first recommendation for the reject-ee (you) is to take an inventory of all of the facts and/or perceptions from the reject-or’s (them) point of view. Were you misunderstood? Did you present in a manner that was clear and concise? Did you unknowingly say or do something offensive? Then go to work to improve your message.

For even the most seasoned and professional salesperson rejection takes place for a number of reasons, however falls into just a few categories. Qualifying the prospect, (or lack thereof) is by far the most common reason for rejection. For a prospect to be qualified, the authority to make the final decision is paramount followed closely by the ability to afford the product/service, the need for the product or service, and the desire to purchase the product/service. Without this qualification, a sale will not occur and rejection will be experienced.

In order to rebound, the process chosen must include regular checkups of our presentations, our communication, and even our dress/manners/courtesy, are necessary. When rejected, look inward for ways to improve your skills or behaviors. We will never be immune, however frequency of rejection will subside.

There is No Secret – It’s the process!

There is No Secret – Handling Rejection

Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest athletes/basketball players in modern times said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed!”

There is No Secret – it is the process of taking the shot after you have practiced the skill and failed. If Michael Jordan had given up, he certainly would have never made another game-winning shot!

So you want to be a Salesperson?

If you have achieved success as a salesperson or you are aspiring for the same, you certainly have heard the question, “what it is like to be in sales?” The best response I ever heard came from one of the most successful sales executives I ever had the honor to work with; his response? “How do you handle rejection?”

Think about that for a moment…… DO you handle rejection? Success does not come from the clouds where data is stored. It does not arrive instantaneously from buyers BEGGING you to meet with them and ALLOWING them to buy. No, it comes from kissing a lot of frogs, smart work, continuous learning, and following a defined process!

Smart work? One of the best pieces of advice I ever received came from my mentor; the man that gave me a “chance” to start my sales journey told me,”this is a thinking person’s game.” One can work long and HARD hours, however unless you are THINKING about the process leading you to your goal, guess what? Sure disappointment and/or failure !

So you want to be a salesperson? THINK about how you will handle rejection. THINK about the education you will need. Make a decision to THINK through the process you will follow that takes you from the “NO’s” to the “YES’s!” Check back here frequently as you THINK your way to SALES SUCCESS and remember,

There Is No Secret to Sales Success – it’s the process!

Sales Success – There is No Secret!

Whether you know it or not, everyone is a salesperson. Yes, even YOU! Have you ever gotten a job? How about run for class President? Were you able to borrow the car from Dad after he said “no” ten times? How about asked someone for a date or appointment? We all sell everyday; we just do not recognize what we are doing. How about formalizing what we do daily and make money doing it? Want to learn?

Today, we start the learning (or becoming aware of) the Process of Selling. Granted, there is an art that can be learned as well to perfect the process, however There is No Secret to Sales Success!

Selling is simply the act of disseminating TRUTHFUL information about a product or service until someone will trade something of value (usually MONEY) to enhance their life. The information is formed into FEATURES, BENEFITS, and overcoming OBJECTIONS. Here is an example:

Take out an aspirin or a breath mint, place it on the table, and pretend you have no idea its purpose. Imagine that I am sitting across from you and attempting to get you to purchase the object. It goes like this…….

I tell you that the “pill” is made from the finest and most pure all-natural ingredients. Will you pay me $1,000,000 for it? You will most likely laugh and if you do not throw me out of your office, you say, “NO WAY!”

Adding that it is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that have NEVER experienced a defect and even with a Life Time Warranty, has never had a claim… about paying me $1,000,000 now? Most likely the answer is still “NO,” however I may have peaked your interest with some of the FEATURES of the product, so you ask, “what does it do?”

I now tell you that it is the most advanced product in the history of the world; it is the CURE FOR CANCER! You pause while recognizing the BENEFIT (value) of such a miracle drug, and pose an OBJECTION; “Wow! While I know that I NEED to own one of these, I do not have a $1,000,000.”

Responding with, “It is 100% covered by your insurance company. Will you sign the purchase agreement now for the $1,000,000 pill?” Sale completed!

Let’s review the process: A PRESENTATION is scheduled with a PROSPECT (more about this later). The FEATURES are explained, the BENEFIT is offered, OBJECTIONS are overcome, and a sale is made. Simply providing TRUTHFUL and verifiable information makes a sale!

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Sales Success- There Is No Secret!!

There Is No Secret!

You have heard the superstar asked a million times, “what is your secret?” The truth is, There Is No Secret to SuperStardom!

Whether you are already on your way to be a superstar or aspire to be one, whatever your profession or talent, superstardom begins with a goal.  Following a well-defined process to achieve the stated goal is the method; without, surely falling short or complete failure and disappointment will follow!

Discussions on a variety of subjects and the processes to follow will be the theme of this blog.  Our goal is to provide you the motivation and specifics as subjects arise.

Here is an example.  Let’s say you want to run a marathon because your “SuperStar” friend has done one and you want to be a SuperStar as well.  Yup, running twenty-six point two (26.2) miles or forty-two point two (42.2) kilometers just seems too impossible to run, yes?  A quick self-assessment reveals the following: 

You are a forty-year-old male, thirty (30) pounds over the weight suggested for your height and have NEVER run farther than six point two (6.2) miles or what is most commonly known as a 10K.  What now?

Research and discover individuals or organizations that train marathon runners.  It is just that simple.  No need to create an unproven program and go forth with trial and error.  Pick a reputable program that provides a goal of “running a marathon.”  Follow the process that is well proven, without deviation, and guess what?  You start and finish your first marathon because…….. There Is No Secret!!  It is a process.

It will be quickly recognized that your training program does not call for you running a full marathon on your first training session.  Nor your second, third, fourth, or even your fifth.  You will train at one, two, three, then six, then eight, then ten and more miles before ever attempting twenty-six-point-two.  Many training programs NEVER call for training the distance of the full marathon; the marathon is your final exam.  So, if instant gratification is your goal, you will be very disappointed!

Now, simply take out “running a marathon” and add your desired Superstardom.  Top ranked salesperson, author, entrepreneur?  It makes no difference, for everything involves a process…..There Is No Secret!  You just find the people, organizations, and training programs that promote your goal.

Granted, there are many variables for each process, however the foundation is the same.  For example, if your marathon involves varying terrain with extreme elevations, training at sea level on flat surfaces will not suffice; you must head to the mountains.  If you do not speak Japanese and have a goal to be a SuperStar at teaching English in Japan, you may be disappointed with failure without learning Japanese first.  The point is that There Is No Secret!

Visit again when I will start the process; There Is No Secret – Sales Success!