There is No Secret

NO is the second-best answer!…..Second In A Series on Getting to “YES!”

As we dive deeper into “Getting to YES,” it is a good reminder that getting to YES will only happen when the prospect is QUALIFED (see previous posts). QUALIFIED=ABILITY+NEED+DESIRE! If there is no ABILITY to purchase (no $$), if there is no NEED for the product/service (perceived or real), and if there has been no expressed DESIRE to do business, the only result will be a waste of time…..None of this will work unless there is a QUALIFIED prospect!

When “Getting to YES,” we should review the Number One Reason that so many sales presentations fail to get either a YES or a NO……the salesperson does not ask, “will you sign this purchase order now?”  Why is this so frequent? 


With significant research, there are no noted incidents where a salesperson has ever been physically harmed from “hearing a NO,” only self-imposed emotional and psychological pain.  In all cases, our EGO gets in the way…..we are just plain scared of rejection!

How do we overcome this FEAR? Each of us have overcome dozens of “FEARS” that we once thought insurmountable. It just takes practice! Here are a few examples:

Walking.  Remember your child, a brother, sister, or cousin being encouraged after pulling up from floor to the coffee table, “just let go and come to momma?” The first time the security of the coffee table was ungripped, the astonishment of that first step removed all the FEAR of walking (well, maybe after a few butt-bumps or face plants).

Jumping off the high diving board.  Remember standing on the edge looking WAY DOWN to the water below thinking, “are they crazy?” A parent or coach is on the edge of the pool or maybe in the water below yelling, “you can do it!” Trembling with FEAR and with encouragement from those we trust, we JUMP! Once realizing that we were not injured, within hours we were tired of the repeated scaling the ladder and jumping…..overcoming our FEAR!

Like our encouraging parents or coaches, there are a host of TRUSTED & ENCOURAGING training materials that teach the process of selling.  The common thread of ALL?  YOU MUST ASK FOR THE ORDER!

Study, learn, and practice overcoming the FEAR of asking for the order.  In no time, just like walking for the first time or jumping from the high dive, you will know that no harm has taken place.  You will have removed the FEAR and with renewed confidence, be increasing both NO’s and YES’s; for without one of these two answers, no sale will ever occur!

Getting to YES!

Remember…..There is No Secret – It is a Process!