There is No Secret

“NO” is the second-best answer!……Third of Three In A Series on “Getting to YES!”

In the first two articles concerning “Getting to YES,” we discussed NO being the second best answer, the need to have a QUALIFIED prospect (QUALIFIED=ABILITY+NEED+DESIRE), and overcoming our FEAR of rejection….remember, there is no proof of anyone ever being physically harmed by hearing “NO!”

If we are honest with ourselves, we often hear our first NO from within. “This lady will never say YES to a date with me.” “The last time I met with this guy, he said his CFO will never along with this type of purchase.” “Her attitude has never been positive so I am certain she will never buy from me.”  SOUND FAMILIAR? 

These are just a few examples of the INTERNAL NEGATIVITY that pops into our minds that keep us from GETTING TO YES!

Then we get to the EXTERNAL NEGATIVITY that creeps into reinforcing that NO from within. “Today, the stock market plunged 12% with leading indicators expressing doom.” “Interest rates rise to an all-time high causing people to hoard cash and slash spending.”  Either sound familiar?  Or any other NEGATIVE EXTERNAL news that sends the message of “NO WAY WILL THEY EVER BUY FROM ME TODAY?”

INTERNAL & EXTERNAL NO’s reduce our desire to even ask for the order. Often before we arrive to the meeting our mind has predetermined a NEGATIVE outcome.  Now is the time to STOP!

Whether getting to YES to make the sale, or to achieve whatever goal is sought, INTERNAL & EXTERNAL NO’s MUST BE IGNORED!

Consider the case of Sir Roger Bannister (1929-2018). On May 6, 1954, Sir Bannister became the first human to be recorded RUNNING A MILE IN LESS THAN FOUR (4) MINUTES. His record lasted but forty-six (46) days. Since then, HUNDREDS of athletes have accomplished what was once thought to be impossible is now commonplace.

Do you think Sir Bannister had INTERNAL “NO’s” running through his mind?  Certainly, after being touted the favorite to win the 1500-meter event in the 1952 Olympic Games and finishing fourth with NO MEDAL; would not INTERNAL “NO’s” be damping his confidence?

In the 1940s, the record for running a mile had reached 4:01 and it had not budged since. Many doctors and scientists said it was physically impossible to run a mile in less than four minutes. Not simply hard or dangerous, but impossible! Would not these types of EXTERNAL NO’s create doubt in Sir Bannister’s mind?

INTERNAL and EXTERNAL “NO’s” were pushed aside when Sir Bannister convinced himself that this seemingly IMPOSSIBLE feat could be accomplished. Sir Bannister’s virtual burial of the NO’s helped him to post the world’s first officially timed sub-four-minute mile of 3:59.4.

So, what INTERNAL & EXTERNAL NO’s will you overcome today? Consider eliminating those forces that promote NEGATIVEITY to creep into your psyche (national & world news).  Provide your mind with healthy and POSITIVE activities (reading & meditating) that promote GETTING TO YES!

Getting to YES!

Remember…..There is No Secret – It is a Process!

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