There Is No Secret!

You have heard the superstar asked a million times, “what is your secret?” The truth is, There Is No Secret to SuperStardom!

Whether you are already on your way to be a superstar or aspire to be one, whatever your profession or talent, superstardom begins with a goal.  Following a well-defined process to achieve the stated goal is the method; without, surely falling short or complete failure and disappointment will follow!

Discussions on a variety of subjects and the processes to follow will be the theme of this blog.  Our goal is to provide you the motivation and specifics as subjects arise.

Here is an example.  Let’s say you want to run a marathon because your “SuperStar” friend has done one and you want to be a SuperStar as well.  Yup, running twenty-six point two (26.2) miles or forty-two point two (42.2) kilometers just seems too impossible to run, yes?  A quick self-assessment reveals the following: 

You are a forty-year-old male, thirty (30) pounds over the weight suggested for your height and have NEVER run farther than six point two (6.2) miles or what is most commonly known as a 10K.  What now?

Research and discover individuals or organizations that train marathon runners.  It is just that simple.  No need to create an unproven program and go forth with trial and error.  Pick a reputable program that provides a goal of “running a marathon.”  Follow the process that is well proven, without deviation, and guess what?  You start and finish your first marathon because…….. There Is No Secret!!  It is a process.

It will be quickly recognized that your training program does not call for you running a full marathon on your first training session.  Nor your second, third, fourth, or even your fifth.  You will train at one, two, three, then six, then eight, then ten and more miles before ever attempting twenty-six-point-two.  Many training programs NEVER call for training the distance of the full marathon; the marathon is your final exam.  So, if instant gratification is your goal, you will be very disappointed!

Now, simply take out “running a marathon” and add your desired Superstardom.  Top ranked salesperson, author, entrepreneur?  It makes no difference, for everything involves a process…..There Is No Secret!  You just find the people, organizations, and training programs that promote your goal.

Granted, there are many variables for each process, however the foundation is the same.  For example, if your marathon involves varying terrain with extreme elevations, training at sea level on flat surfaces will not suffice; you must head to the mountains.  If you do not speak Japanese and have a goal to be a SuperStar at teaching English in Japan, you may be disappointed with failure without learning Japanese first.  The point is that There Is No Secret!

Visit again when I will start the process; There Is No Secret – Sales Success!