There is No Secret; it is neither Nice nor Fine!

Often misquoted, the infamous Laurel and Hardy comedy team coined the often-used-phrase that correctly says, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”  Over the decades since that catchphrase was used by Oliver Hardy in almost twenty (20) films, we have come to know it as, “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!” Whether you use “nice” or “fine,” There Is No Secret that the situation we find ourselves is anything but “nice” or “fine!”

Not since World War II has the United States seen any semblance of a situation that we find ourselves now.  COVID-19 and the destruction it has caused is paled against so many other crises. Yet, in many cases, local and state governments have threatened (and many have assessed) CRIMINAL CHARGES for anyone disobeying what many experts opine are UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES to quarantine within one’s home and restrain from attending houses of worship, operate their businesses, or enjoy the fruits of one’s labor at parks or other places of recreation.  While the United States rationed gasoline, sugar, butter, and bacon (and other things), the only impact government impact to American Citizens during WWII unfortunately fell on Americans of Japanese, German, or Italian ancestry when they were ordered to be held in concentration camps by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. All other citizens were able to come and go as they please.  In the years after the war, the interned Americans had to rebuild their lives. United States citizens and long-time residents who had been incarcerated lost their personal liberties; many also lost their homes, businesses, property, and savings……..sounding familiar??

Did the action in 1942 of what many have described as an abomination save any lives?  Like the seemingly-overreaction to COVID-19, and the incarceration of the American citizens today, WE WILL NEVER KNOW! There Is No Secret, using COVID-19 as an excuse, our Federal, State, and Local governments have infringed upon our personal liberties, and many will lose homes, businesses, property, and savings!

Any loss of life is a tragedy, especially to the friends and family of the deceased.  However, many accept risks daily without hesitation nor interruption of their lives.  Few get behind the wheel of their car to drive to the store thinking, “I may die today,” yet approximately 38,000 Americans die each year in vehicle accidents; 77% within 15 miles of home. Should we ban driving?  Certainly, that would save 38,000 Americans each year and it would be very easy to validate.  Will the seemingly-overreaction to COVID-19 save lives?  We will never know and the facts remain……..

There is No Secret; it is neither Nice nor Fine!

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